A word from the co-founder of The Promise Partnership Ministries, Inc., Carol Carter Clark -

“I grew up in a very small country church. Some of my favorite memories were the Gospel Singing when local folks and gospel groups would come and we would stay until the last testimony was given and the last song was sung. Such a sweet time of Spirit filled worship. When I hear the Promise Trio worshiping, I am reminded that is not about entertainment, but worship. You can literally feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when they are singing. Psalm 66:2 says "Sing out the honor of His name; Make his praise glorious. God has his hand on the Promise Trio because their hearts are set on Jesus. They seek to be used in whatever way brings HIM the most glory and honor. May God continue to bless them in a mighty way. The greatest requirement to sing in the Promise Trio is a heart for Lord and a desire to see lost sinners come to know Jesus Christ. After interviewing dozens of applicants, we know that Teresa and Reid along with Debra meet those requirements.”

Carol Carter Clark
The Promise Partnership Ministries, Inc.



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